Established a few years ago, our dog center is one of the pioneers in introducing innovative methods in saving dogs from abuse. All in all, we have saved thousands of cute little dogs from several situations that they shouldn’t be in, in the first place.


Are You Ready To Adopt?

In our rescue center, we encourage everyone to adopt instead of buying or breeding pups.

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What Are The Types of Dogs in The Shelter?

We don’t classify them per breed. We classify them based on their profile.


How To Adopt A Dog?

Adopting a dog can be quite scary especially if this is your first time.


Our rescue center started with just a group of friends who really love their pets. And then, they saw some stray dogs being hurt by random bystanders so they felt the need to do something about it. Ever since that day, they worked with different organizations in pushing their advocacies. Much like a dating site, their goal is to pair their dogs to the rightful owner.


We don’t do this for money. Most of our staff are volunteers who don’t get paid by their hours. By volunteering 5-10 hours per week, we are able to run this rescue center 24/7. Fortunately, we never run out of volunteers and even tourists who just visit find the time to give something for the shelter, be it marketing services or actual taking care of the dogs we saved.


If you feel that you want to serve a higher purpose, then come with us and volunteer. We believe that everyone can do something for the shelter be it physical labor or your own expertise. For example, if you are good with computers then maybe you can help in setting up our marketing materials. Or if you like grooming, you can help in making our dogs presentable.


Just message us here with your profile and your intention to volunteer. Let us know which dates because there are some days that we are already full. In fact, during summer, you need to let us know two months in advance.

Caring for abandoned dogs might not be the ultimate cause to be in. But for people who have a heart for animals, they know that these tail-wagging friends deserve all the love and care. If you are looking for a new dog who will be part of your beautiful family, adopt from us. All of our rescued dogs are trained, so they are ideal for families and asiandating. Support our cause. Help us find them a new home where they will be loved and well-cared for.


All our volunteers are not paid unfortunately, but we will make sure that you will be treated well. You will receive enough food for the day and before you go home, we always give volunteers our very own souvenirs. In the hope that you’ll help us find more volunteers in the future.


Aside from that, the experience that you’ll get volunteering with us is priceless. No one can even pay for the happiness you’ll experience once you are seeing the happiness of the dogs. That alone, for some of our volunteers, is already enough of a payment.


We hope that you’ll be part of our team soon. We have a vision of a safe space for our dogs to grow and be with a great family. All of our rescued dogs are put up for adoptions. We screen everyone who want to adopt a dog making it their second love. They should show us a proof that they can take care the dogs, and that they will treat them right.


They are our best friends. They deserve a great treatment and a loving home.

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